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TitleCourse CodeBeginsEndsMeetsFee
Chapters --Taos181QWR241-T07/05/1807/10/18Su, M, Tu, Th, F, Sa from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, 5 Sessions1695.00
Creative Writing Foundation181QWR101A-05/30/1806/27/18Wednesday from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM, 5 Sessions450.00
Information Session183QWRINF-D03/19/1803/19/18Monday from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM, 1 Session0.00
Memoir, Personal Narrative & Essay183QWR121A-D04/02/1804/23/18Monday from 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM, 4 Sessions325.00
Solve the Mystery of Mystery Writing-- Taos181QWR595-T07/05/1807/10/18Su, M, Tu, Th, F, Sa from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, 5 Sessions1695.00
Story183QWR211B-D03/20/1804/17/18Tuesday from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM, 5 Sessions450.00
Story181QWR211B-T07/05/1807/10/18Su, M, Tu, Th, F, Sa from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM, 5 Sessions1695.00
Writer's Retreat -- Taos181QWR600-T07/05/1807/10/18Su, M, Tu, Th, F, Sa from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, 5 Sessions1095.00

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Online Courses

Course NameCourse CodeTypeFee
4CShare Global Project Management Simulation163BPM410A-OOnline359.00
Advanced HTML162BWB300A-OOnline345.00
Allerton Connector Highway Project Management Simulation163BPM415A-OOnline359.00
Application for Concentration in Digital Marketing Strategy and Analysis - Fall 2017182BDMAPPA-DOnline0.00
Application for Digital Branding and Communications Concentration - Fall 2017182BSMAPPA-DOnline0.00
Application for Fall 2017 Financial Planning Certificate Program182FPAPP-DOnline150.00
Application for Graphic Design Certificate Program182BGRAPPA-DOnline50.00
Application for Project Management Certificate Program182BPMAPPA-DOnline0.00
Application for User Experience Design Certificate Program182BWBAPPA-DOnline0.00
Cascading Style Sheets162BWB310A-OOnline345.00
Certificate Program in Advanced Management for HR Professionals with PHR Exam Prep162BMG310A-OOnline4995.00
Certificate Program in Management for High Technology Professionals162BMG300A-OOnline3250.00
Certificate Program in Supervisory and Managerial Skills163BSL300A-OOnline3250.00
Certificate Program in Technical Writing162BCM310A-OOnline2395.00
Certificate in Grant Research & Writing173BCM300A-OOnline2295.00
Certificate in Management for Tax-Exempt And Nonprofit Organizations173BNP300A-OOnline2875.00
Certificate in Mobile Application Design and Development162BWB320A-OOnline2895.00
Certified Ethical Hacker162BCO300A-OOnline2995.00
Effectively Managing Project Stakeholders163BPM335A-OOnline79.00
Emotional Intelligence for Project Managers163BPM340A-OOnline79.00
Ethics for Project Managers163BPM345A-OOnline79.00
HealthMax Software Project Management Simulation163BPM420A-OOnline359.00
Law Enforcement Professional Certificate162BCJ300A-OOnline2295.00
Managing Real World Projects163BPM315A-OOnline249.00
PMP 01 - Introduction to Project Management163BPM350A-OOnline79.00
PMP 02 - Project Processes and Project Integration Management163BPM355A-OOnline79.00
PMP 03 - Project Scope Managment163BPM360A-OOnline79.00
PMP 04 - Project Time Management163BPM365A-OOnline79.00
PMP 05 - Project Cost Management163BPM370A-OOnline79.00
PMP 06 - Project Quality Management163BPM375A-OOnline79.00
PMP 07 - Project Human Resource Management163BPM380A-OOnline79.00
PMP 08 - Project Communications Management163BPM385A-OOnline79.00
PMP 09 - Introduction to Project Risk Management163BPM390A-OOnline79.00
PMP 10 - Project Procurement Managment163BPM395A-OOnline79.00
PMP 11 - Project Stakeholder Management163BPM400A-OOnline79.00
PMP 12 - PMP Practice Exams & Exam Strategies163BPM405A-OOnline99.00
PMP Exam Prep course ONLINE163TPM330A-OOnline699.00
Project Management Team Leadership163BPM325A-OOnline359.00
Project Management for Information Technology163BPM320A-OOnline499.00
Project Risk Management: PMI-RMP Exam Prep163TPM310A-OOnline599.00
Quality Management Basics163BPM330A-OOnline299.00
TOEFL Test Preparation162TTF300A-OOnline1295.00

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Not Currently Scheduled

These courses are not currently scheduled, but may be offered at a future date. Click the course Title link for more information.

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