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Team Management & Engagement

In today's business world teams, whether they be project based or functionally based, are the bedrock of any successful organization. Each player on a team is like a spoke on a wheel and the leader is the hub. If a spoke or the hub is weak the bike won't function. Being able to align, develop and drive a team forward to specific goals takes a strong and broad skill set. The leader must be able foster trust, bridge differences, assess and help the team members play to his or her strengths, manage multiple cultures, generations and personalities. This course will leverage three powerful models; The Work of Leaders, Everything DiSC Management and The Five Dysfunctions of a Team. The awareness of the models and integration into the session ensures participants have all the tools needed to develop a high performing cohesive team. You will learn:

  • The elements of what makes a successful team
  • The Work of a Leader: VAE Model: (Vision, Alignment and Execution)
  • Team Formation: The four stages and how to manage each stage
  • How teams work together including tasks versus relationships
  • Overview of the Generational Differences and the one thing they have in common
  • Best practices in integrating new members into an existing team
  • Motivating individual contributors as well as the team
  • Keeping a team focused on the result
  • Aligning team member strengths with specific team goals
  • Turing The Five Dysfunctions into The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive team
  • The difference between predictive and vulnerability based trust
  • Patrick Lencioni's Conflict Continuum and how to create a forum for healthy conflict

Dates:May 5-12, 2017    Check for other dates
Meets:Friday from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM, 2 Sessions
Instructor:Bruce Arfsten
Fee:$595  Fee Breakdown

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