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Tour de France 5: Southwest France: Bordeaux, Medoc, and the Pyrenees

Lecture 5
Southwest France:Bordeaux, Medoc, and the Pyrenees

France is so much more than Paris. While the City of Light is spectacular, many other regions are equally charming and also filled with history, art, and delicious cuisine. Join Dr. Elizabeth New Seitz, an expert on French language and culture, to explore the unique character of France's diverse regions from Normandy to Provence, and Bordeaux to Burgundy. Participants will receive an inclusive study guide to accompany each session along with top sights to see, places to visit, not-to-miss museums and cultural events, hotel and restaurant suggestions, and more. Immerse yourself in the unique riches of France's distinctive regions, and leave wanting more; Dr. Seitz will share recommendations for further reading and films to enhance your understanding of each area profiled in the course.

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Dates:April 21, 2014    Check for other dates
Meets:Monday from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM, 1 Session

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