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The Roadmap To Professional Success

Often overlooked yet critical to any professional’s company or market value is having and acting on an individual strategy for success. A roadmap of best decisions and actions designed to keep you focused on what has the highest value for you and your company.

In this session you will assess two key areas that impact individual success: how to recognize and mitigate success blockers and how to identify and leverage goal-relevant opportunities.

Using a step-by-step process you will able to easily create a roadmap to protect or change what’s working or not in your career. The same process will help you efficiently align your time, energy and activities to accomplish team and company business objectives.

Included in the session are performance tools and roadmap checkpoints that act as your guide to:

  • Focus energies on what’s "relevant"

  • Recognize the cost of default vs. engagement

  • More easily achieve a new goal by leveraging goal relevant strengths

  • Proactively identify and manage change dynamics and goal obstacles

  • Gain needed resources with collaborative outcomes

  • Protect time and energy by making informed decisions

As an outcome of attending The Roadmap to Professional Success, along with receiving a copy of Arlene’s book, SuccessMapping® you will:

  • Know how to move past the eight success blockers that prevent individuals at all levels from experiencing more career and company potential.

  • Start your roadmap of best decisions and actions to achieve an important career, team or company objective.

  • Have a "how-to" mapping process to use as a coaching and performance management tool.

Who should attend: executives, managers, key talent and individual leaders whose focus and business results need to align to their key customer’s or company's business goals or change initiatives.

Dates:February 25, 2014    Check for other dates
Meets:Tuesday from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM, 1 Session

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