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Financial Intelligence and Communication (PLANO)

To truly succeed as being a leader you need to have an understanding of what fundamentally drives your business. It is vital to any manager's success that you are not only familiar with financial terminology and principles, but also know how and when to use financial information to help inform your decisions, reinforce your position and secure resources for your team and projects.

This course will take you beyond the typical "Finance for Non-Financial Managers" course so that you will also learn how to use the language and metrics that best resonate with senior level executives, investors and the board and so that you may gain insight into the internal dynamics and politics that always surround financial information.

  • Introduction to financial statements and accounting principles and practices
  • The role of the balance sheet the income statement and the cash flow statement
  • Understanding and deriving insight from your company's financial statements
  • Methods of valuation and understanding how shareholder value and shareholder goals work
  • How to use financial information and analysis to make better decisions at the team level and above
  • Understanding what drives your accounting and finance division and how they can contribute to your team's success
  • Communicating with finance and accounting: Tips on some key questions to ask and conversations to have across different scenarios.
  • Understanding the politics of budgets and budget allocations…..and how to become a great budget allocation politician
  • Using the language and metrics that best resonate when presenting to senior executives, investors and the board


Dates:December 2, 2016    Check for other dates
Meets:Friday from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM, 1 Session
Instructor:Rick Black

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