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Graphic Recording & Visual Facilitation

Graphic recorders and visual facilitators translate verbal information into a visual format that is quickly and easily understood and digested...usually through drawing. Great graphic recorders and facilitators don't need to be the best artist (but some basic drawing techniques help). They need to be great listeners and synthesizers of information to be able to quickly and instantaneously distill a complex concept into a visual. If you love design, visual communications or you just love to draw come explore what it takes to be a part of this exciting and expanding profession. During this course you will learn the art, the science and the business of graphic recording and visual facilitation.

  • Graphic recording vs visual facilitation: a discussion of the pros-cons and challenges of each
  • A review of the various scenarios and types of clients who frequently work with graphic recorders and visual facilitators: conferences, focus groups, coaching seminars, strategic planning etc
  • The tools of the profession and knowing when to use what
  • Different methodologies for different contexts
  • Listening techniques and skills. Synthesis skills
  • Learn to be an active and reflective listener without bias and how to be neutral
  • How ad what to research
  • Knowing when to hold and retain information for later
  • Simple drawing techniques and tips for graphic recording. The nuts and bolts of drawing for graphic recording
  • Developing your visual vocabulary
  • How to organize the information, organizations strategies
  • Tips and strategies for facilitating and drawing at the same time
  • Process and facilitation techniques
  • Overcoming your fear and hesitancy towards producing in front of onlookers
  • The logistics and the business aspects of being a graphic facilitator

Dates:October 28 - November 18, 2015    Check for other dates
Meets:Wednesday from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM, 4 Sessions
Instructor:Mary Stall

Notes:Please note students must bring the following items with them: 11x17 sketch book or loose paper Sketch pencil - #2 artist pencil Assorted WATERCOLOR markers: round edge, beveled edge, fine edge (for outlining) (Mr. Sketch work well) (limited supply available for classroom use) Artist Pastel Chalk: 6-12 count box Sharpie marker (1 regular size, 1 fine size) Kneaded (aka putty) eraser Pkg 2 x 3 sticky notes (any color)

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